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Safety Solutions to meet YOUR Needs!

Roman Safety Solutions is dedicated to providing effective safety solutions to ensure your company meets is legal requirements, but also builds on it’s understanding of the moral and financial benefits of having a safety program.  We provide peace of mind and a extra layer of due diligence for our clients, providing necessary training and competency for workers and managers.

Whether you use paper or electronic forms, we have solutions to manage this data to ensure you are meeting the requirements set out by COR and/or SAFE Work Certified standards. (click here to learn more).

Our Mission

Ensure that our clients are providing a safe work environment, that injuries are managed quickly and efficiently, and the company is reducing cost associated with incidents and WCB premiums.   Success, to us, is to have an effective safety program rooted and fueled by an even stronger positive safety culture.

Serving Brandon and Westman Area since 2014, we are passionate about improving safety.  Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!