Truck and Trailer Inspection (1 Ton +)

Approach vehicle and check:

Inspection Method: Visual

Enter Driving compartment and check:

Engine compartment check:

Inspection Method: Visual and Manual
Inspection method: Visual and Manual

Driving Compartment, Check:

Inspection Method: Visually check that the seat is anchored. Manually operate the seat and ensure adjustment is correct. Visually and manually check seat belt webbing and retractor assembly.
Inspection Method: Perform test with engine idling: depress accelerator pedal and release
Visually and manually inspect with the engine running on vehicles equipped with power steering. With the front wheels in a straight ahead position, turn the steering wheel until turning motion can be observed at the fron wheels, turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction until motion can be observed at the front wheels; estmiate the amount of steering lash. (total movement observed at steering wheel rim before movement at front wheel.) Refer to Professional Drivers Manual page 112 for specs.
Inspection Method: Activate System
Inspection Method: Visual and Manually
Inspection Method: Visual and Manual

Emergency Equipment Check:

Outside Checks:

Inspection Method: Visual and Manual
Inspection Method: Visually and manual inspect (air pressure at normal operating pressure)

Additional Checks for Combination Vehicle: