Playground Inspection

General Site Information

General Equipment Information
etc – Area #1 of 3 play areas
ex: 1 – senior playstructure (5 to 12 years)
Owner/Operator Record Keeping Information
Site Furnishings
Surfacing Information
Number of locations checked for surface depth.
General Equipment Information, Signage and Retrofit Information
Equipment Inventory
Equipment Inspection Information and Hazard Identification
Material and Installation (Clause 7 and 8)
Protective Surfacing Zones and No-Encroachment Zones (Clause 14)
Note: Overlap is permitted
Note: Overlap is permitted
Note: 1.8m (70.87in) that cannot overlap in direction of motion for equipment with 45-degrees of horizontal. 2.7m (106.30in) with a 1.8m (70.87in) clearance zone required at equipment that rotates within 45-degress of vertical when diameter greater than 1.0m (39.37in) or 1.8m (70.87in) that can overlap if diameter is less than or equal to 1.0m (39.37in)
Note: Platform height equals P.S.Z. required with a minimum 1.8m (70.87in) and a maximum 2.4m (94.49in) plus a no-encroachment zone required when starting platform is greater than 1.2m (47.24in) in elevation above protective surfacing.
Note: 2 x Y in each direction plus no-encroachment zone. Also check protective surfacing zone width. Note: 1.8m (70.87in) from end of top beam or 1.8m (70.87in) from centre of outermost swing seat (whichever is greater).
Performance Requirements (Clause 12)
Note: Check rigid and non-rigid openings.
Note: use fish probe with A and B portions of test gauge
Note: This can be considered an entrapment hazard or protrusion/sharp edge hazard
Note: Belts, Straps, ropes and similar flexible components are exempt.
Note: Check for projections upwards of horizontal and projections in an orientation within slide clearance zone


Recommendations and Conclusion