Road Map to Safety Certification


In order for your company to become certified under one of SAFE Work Manitoba’s Certifying Partners (Safety Associations),  your safety program must be measured against a standard set by the province.  This is done through a thorough audit process involving collection and review of safety documentation, interviewing workers and managers, and conducting a site observation.  Continue reading for more information on COR and SAFE Work Certified standards and the benefits of investing into certification

COR/SECOR (Certificate of Recognition)

We are registered COR/SECOR Auditors with the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba.  COR represents a long standing identity to the reduction of injuries and improved workplace safety.  It shows workers that the company cares about their health and wellness enough to invest the time and resources into becoming COR/SECOR certified.  Let us help you achieve your goals in obtaining COR/SECOR certification.

SWC (SAFE Work Certification)

RSS is a registered Auditor with SAFE Work Manitoba.  The benefits of becoming SAFE Work Certified are many, from being an industry leader, but also, company’s successful in achieving certification may be eligible for the Prevention Rebate…which will be 15 per cent of your assessment premium (or up to $3000 for smaller employers) and will be paid out starting in 2018.

Based on WCB statistics*, employers that achieve safety and health certification for their organizations have also been shown to have:

  • 42 per cent lower injury rates
  • 47 per cent lower time-loss injury rates
  • 37 per cent lower injury costs per worker from claims reported to the WCB
  • 49 per cent fewer work days taken for time-loss injuries

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Auditing Services include a full service internal audit at competitive rates, and includes a report of action items found and executive summary.   Service includes:

  • Documentation Review
  • Workplace Site Observation
  • Worker and Manager Interviews

Note: At the request of the client, Roman Safety Solutions can assist with resolutions of deficiencies found in audit, at consultation rates set forth in contract.